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The U. S. Army Quartermaster Museum at Fort Lee, Virginia is a Korean War Commemorative Community.  The Korea War Commemoration Period, the theme of which is "Freedom Is Not Free", runs from 25 June 2000 to 11 November 2003. An exhibit, "Korea: The Quartermaster Story" opened at the museum on 21 June 2000. 

8th Army Patch
8th US Army

I Corps Patch
I Corps

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IX Corps

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X Corps

2nd Logistical Command Patch
2nd Logistical Command

2nd Logistical Command - First Design Patch
2nd Logistical Command
(First Design)

3rd Logistical Command Patch
3rd Logistical Command

Japanese Logistical Command Patch
Japanese Logistical Command

Korean Communcations Zone Patch
Korean Communications Zone

Korean Military Advisory Group Patch
Korean Military Advisory Group

Headquarters UN Command Patch
Headquarters UN Command

187th Regimental Combat Team Patch
187th Regimental Combat Team

Quartermaster Units with Korean War Battle Credit

Selected Quartermaster articles on the Korean War Era

General Articles

QM Distribution System in Korea
1954 article on how supplies got to the soldier in the field

An Army On Wheels
1951 article on the 2nd Quartermaster Company, 2nd Infantry Division

QM Operations 1st Cavalry Division, Korea
1951 article on Quartermaster support to combat operations of  "The First Team" in the Korean War

QM Support for Big Switch
Supply support to the full-scale return of UN prisoners in 1953

QM Trucking Operations in Korea
Divisional Quartermaster Truck Unit Operations

1952 article on use of pack animals and dogs

Clothing & Equipment

Lightweight Body Armor
Short history of the development of "Doron" fiberglas-plastic Body Armor 

Armored Vest Fact Sheet - December 1952
Development of Body Armor by the Quartermaster Corps during the Korean War

Winter Program Planning Korea
1954 article on providing winter clothing to soldiers in Korea


Subsistence Supply in Korea

Food Service United Nations Korea
1953 article on efforts to provide fresh food to UN soldiers in Korea

Graves Registration/Mortuary Affairs

Graves Registration in the Korean Conflict
1953 article

Operation Glory
1954  article on Korean War exchange of dead between combatants

Homeward Bound
Graves Registration and recovery in the Korean War

Search and Recovery
A short 1954 article on search and recovery of fallen soldiers  in the Korean War

Korean War Mortuary Affairs Photographs

Petroleum and Water

Petroleum Supply in Korea
1951 Article on how the "life blood of the Army" was supplied to UN troops in Korea

The Drum 55-Gallon and 5-Gallon as Petroleum Containers
Petroleum supply during the Korean War, 1952

Aerial Delivery/Riggers

Flying Quartermasters
Overview of 8081st Quartermaster Airborne Air Supply & Packaging Company operations in Korea

They Wrote the Book
Aerial Delivery techniques pioneered by the 8081st Quartermaster Airborne Air Supply & Packaging Company in the Korean War

Delivery By Air
Quartermaster Aerial Supply in Korea, Supporting U.N. Ground Troops

"Some Succeeded and Some Failed"
Airborne Quartermaster Field Operations

Short history of Airborne operations and QM assumption of Aerial Delivery mission

Quartermasters Hit the Silk
407th Airborne Quartermaster Company demonstration jump at Fort Lee in May 1950

Quartermaster Support of Airborne Operations
Extracts of a 1950 committee report on assigning the Quartermaster Corps the Aerial Delivery mission

Parachute Maintenance Company - 1950
Major Cross tells of the first Quartermaster Parachute Maintenance Company, 11th Airborne Division

Performance of Packet Planes
President of Fairchild Corp. extols the virtues of the C-82, C-119 and C-124

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