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Subsistence and Cook Historical Photos
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World War I
All kitchens in line and everybody makes themselves at home before a village, 1st Division
Nonsard (Muse) France
13 September 1918
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World War II
"Chow-line" at engineers base camp in mountains, Alcan (Alaskan-Canadian) Highway Construction
21 August 1942
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World War II
Crew of a new tank destroyer show their enthusiasm at the arrival of the rations truck with their Christmas turkey.  5th Army, Bisomo Area, Italy
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World War II
Men enjoy ice cream made from their own homemade ice cream freezer.
Bougainville Island
29 April 1944
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Members of Task Force Indianhead set up hot coffee on the capitol ground less than 24 hours after the liberation of the North Korean capital, Pyongyang, Korea
21 October 1950
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SFC Arnold S. Scales (Richmond, VA) serves steak at the 43rd Transportation Truck Company, 8th U.S. Army, near Uijongbu, Korea
18 June 1951
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Men of Company A, 1st Bn, 19th Inf Reg, 24th Infantry Division receive their New Year's Day dinner on the main line of resistance in the field.
1 January 1952
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The best bunker type mess hall in the Battery, 171st FA Bn, 45th Infantry Division, North of Yang-Gu
6 June 1953
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World War II
Three paratrooper buddies enjoy a quick lunch consisting of the emergency "K" Field Ration developed by the Quartermaster Corps
Undated Signal Corps Photo
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World War II
Enriched Quartermaster flour ready for Camp Croft S.C. distribution.  Staff Sergeant George M. Hamilton displays Quartermaster Corps Insignia stamped on each bag. 1942
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