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Aerial Delivery/Rigger Historical Photos
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549th_japan_1956.jpg (101116 bytes)
549th Quartermaster Company
Japan 1956
549th_parastorage_1956.jpg (247135 bytes)
549th QM Co Parachute Storage
Japan 1956
549th_container_1956.jpg (308824 bytes)
549th QM Company
Container Display
rigger_germany76.jpg (107170 bytes)
REFORGER '76 Germany
SP4 Raymond Allen (l) and SP4 Anthony Monplaisis (r), both of the 5th Quartermaster AD, reach for cable and hook from a CH-54 Skycrane Helicopter to attach a sling load of fuel drums during a Recovery Operations.
(USA Spec Opns Pic Det -Sep/Oct 76)
rigger_vietnam.jpg (126070 bytes)
Riggers at Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam
February 1967
rigger_vietnam_airdrop.jpg (124469 bytes)
SP4 Russell Roever (New York City), Hq & Hq Co, 2nd Bn, 503rd Inf, 173rd Abn Bde (Sept), disconnects the parachute form a crate of 105mm howitzer ammunition in War Zone "C" 26-27 Feb 1967
(US Army Sp Photo Det, Pacific, SP5 James I. Hatton)
rigger_vietnam_airdrop1.jpg (79055 bytes)
Artillery ammunition and C-rations, dropped by parachutes to the 82nd Arty, 196th Light Inf Bde, fall to the ground in War Zone "C", 70 miles north
east of Saigon, 26 February 1967
(US Army Sp Photo Det, Pacific SP5 Robert C. Lafoon)
rigger_vietnam_packshed.jpg (139598 bytes)
Parachute Maintenance/Repair Tent
Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam
February 1967
rigger_vietnam66.jpg (120271 bytes)
Riggers from 173rd Abn Bde (Sep) rig pallet for Container Delivery System (CDS) Drop by CV-2 (Caribou) Vietnam, 29-31 July 1966
(US Army Sp Photo Det, Pacific SFC Gilbert L. Meyers)
rigging1.jpg (33093 bytes)
Rigger Students, date unknown
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